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A Step Beyond Dance Company

Our competition team is designed for dancers eager to elevate their skills and increase their performance opportunities. Membership in the A Step Beyond Dance Company is exclusive and by invitation only, with candidates selected from our Graded Program. Throughout the school year, we observe potential members to identify those who best fit our team—consider the entire year as your ongoing audition!

We maintain a compact team, limited to 40 members, to foster strong bonds and cohesion among dancers. Our emphasis is on group performances, which mirror the collaborative nature of both academic and professional dance settings. While solos, duos, and trios are not our primary focus, they become available as dancers mature and demonstrate significant progress.

We seek dancers who show dedication, responsiveness to feedback, exemplary classroom conduct, positive peer interactions, and a constructive attitude, alongside the technical skills expected for their age.

If you're interested in joining our company, please indicate your interest to our front desk staff. Invitations to join are extended each March and April.

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