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Mixed Programs & Adults

Our hip hop, musical theater, and acro classes cater to specific age groups, welcoming dancers from both our Steps and Graded Programs. Each class emphasizes age-appropriate fundamentals and curriculum. Understanding the diversity in skill levels, our teachers are prepared to adapt their instruction, offering tailored options to make every student feel both comfortable and challenged.

When there's sufficient interest, we also offer adult classes designed for beginners to low intermediates. Just like our youth classes, instructors anticipate varying levels of experience and ensure that everyone, regardless of their skill level, has an enjoyable and enriching experience. Everyone is welcome to join!

*Ages are based on dancer's ages as of 9/1.

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Hip Hop
Ages 8-18

All classes are taught with an age-appropriate, commercial style hip hop. All classes are taught with clean music.

Musical Theater
Ages 8-18

All classes are dance-based classes that focus on the Broadway style of dance and use of character in dance. Acting activities will also be a part of these classes.

Ages 8-18

New this year! Our Acro classes will teach acro in a safe environment where dancers learn the importance of being strong to perform movement safely.

Adult Classes
Ages 18+

Classes will teach beginning to low intermediate level classes with proper technique. Teachers will go in with accommodations as needed.

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