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I'm Katie Edwards and this is my second year at ASA. I absolutely love the healthy, encouraging, family-friendly environment here! Dance has played a huge role in shaping the person I have become, and I am looking forward to giving that back to my students at a studio with quality dance instruction.

Check out a bit more about me below!

Katie's Dance Bio

Katie Edwards has over 18 years of dance experience and over 10 years of teaching dance. She has trained in nearly every major genre of dance, including ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, kpop, modern, tap, musical theatre, swing, Latin, ballroom, and more. Katie has received training under several notable dance instructors, including Annmarie Carlson Drake, Jared Baker, Sam Picart, Catey Ott Thompson, Yumelia Garcia, Abby Leithart, and Glorielle Niedfeldt. 


Along with studying Kinesiology in college (and graduating with a teaching degree), Katie has a thorough understanding of dance and its relation to the human body. She has taught dance at several respected studios, including Metropolitan Ballet, Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory, and Dance Conservatory of Southern MN, along with countless other dance-related jobs.


Her recent dance accomplishments include ranking second in the solo professional division for Madison Contemporary Dance’s 2023 festival, 3x recognized choreographer in Danceworks’ “Get It Out There” performance in Milwaukee, assistant-coaching/workshopping local high school dance teams, council member on UW-Madison’s ballroom team, and choreographer for UW-Madison’s RSO theatre program. In her free time, Katie continues to create dance choreography, videos, and perform on the side!

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