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2024-25 School Year Tuition

Dance-Instruction-Cottage Grove

2024-25 School Year Tuition

Your non-refundable membership fee is due upon registration (please see below). A Step Above Dance & Music Academy’s School Year Tuition Option must be chosen at the time of registration. We accept cash, checks, Mastercard and Visa.

Tuition may be paid in full at the beginning of the year or paid in monthly automatic payments. Families may choose 10 monthly payments on the 1st of the month starting August 1st or 9 monthly payments on the 1st (starts September 1st) or 15th (starts August 15th) of the month.

For our monthly tuition, we divide our total annual tuition into equal installments to make the payment the same each time. Therefore, some months may be longer/shorter, but we do not adjust the tuition because we are taking the annual tuition and dividing it up into installments.

*Tuition table below is our 9 month option since it is our most popular choice. Please contact our desk staff for details on our 10 month option or pay-in-full option.

Length of class X Frequency per week = 9-month tuition payment

Tuition Table

30 min x 1
45 min x 1
60 min x 2
75 min x 1
75 min x 2
Pointe Add-on

Adult Classes

30 min Private

*Unlimited Dance Pass


= $64 per month
= $76 per month
= $97 per month
= $105 per month
= $170 per month
= $45 per month

= $70 per month

= $150 per month

= $600 per month


*Our Unlimited Dance Pass does not include private lessons and company duo/trio rehearsals. It is not eligible for additional discounts. Each pass is for one dancer and placement is subject to the director's approval. Dancers must register for classes prior to attending classes.

**Prices listed reflect our 9-month option.  We also offer the option of splitting up the annual cost over 10 months. To chose this option, registration must be completed by the second week of classes.

Multiple Class/Family Discount

Company rehearsals, private classes, Adult Classes, Pointe add-on class, and the unlimited dance pass are considered special classes and are not eligible for multiple class discounts. 

Total the number of classes your family is registered for this year (ballet twice per week is considered a single class since a price break is already given).  Subtract 2% from your total regular class tuition payment (excluding listed classes above) for every additional class, up to 5 additional classes. 

2 classes = 2%

3 classes = 4%

4 classes = 6%

5 classes = 8%

6 classes = 10%

***A 15% discount will be applied to our Competition/Dance Team Prep class for any dancer who also registers for another class. No other discounts may apply to this class if the 15% is used.


Upon registration, we will automatically charge the $35 Starter Level Membership to reserve your spot in class. You may upgrade to another level if you wish by letting our desk staff know.

Referral Credit

We know the best way for others to hear about our studio is your referral.  Please tell your friends about our program and receive a $50 credit towards your tuition.  This credit is automatically applied after the new family has been registered for 3 months. Thank you for your confidence in us!

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